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Student vehicles
Student vehicles
Student vehicles

Student vehicles

Student Car Shipping

Ship your car to your college or school with nationwide company.

We make it affordable.

It’s fast, safe and totally secure.

When it comes to moving your child to college, you have enough on your plate - from preparations to the emotional toll, the last thing you need is to figure out how to transport your car easily and within your budget. At AT-Chicago, we'll ship your vehicle and deliver it directly to your destination to ensure a safe, smooth transport from home to campus or campus back to home.

Need to transport extra luggage nationwide? No problem - you can put one suitcase or personal item in the trunk of your car at no extra charge. Not only will you benefit from a simple logistical travel, but you'll save wear and tear on your vehicle.

Booking Students Auto Transport Services

It’s important to book your students auto transport services around your arrival dates. Unless you opt for the more expensive single car transport option, you will likely opt for open carrier car shipping. That means that other cars are collected and delivered along the way. Most carriers move approximately 500 miles a day in favorable conditions. Auto Transport Chicago aims to provide affordable, convenient and safe door-to-door shipping for students attending any colleges in continental USA.

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