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Seasonal moves
Seasonal moves
Seasonal moves

Seasonal moves

Need to escape the cold of winter or the heat of summer?

Seasonal Car Transport

It’s fast, safe and totally secure.

Seasonal travelers have come to count on us for dependable and professional car delivery year after year. Our commitment to customer service has made our family-owned vehicle transport company the first choice for individuals, couples and families that travel with the seasons. Our customers know that we’ll treat their automobile like it is our own – with care. Parkway will get it where it needs to be, safely, and on time.

When relocating to a seasonal residence, many people find it helpful to ship their vehicle to use for the season. Every year ATC helps thousands of seasonal shippers relocate their cars to their southern locations and then back home.

Seasonal Car Shipping

Our primary routes for seasonal travelers are ... from the winters of Minnesota to the warmth of Arizona, California or Florida and states in between. Then... from the heat of the south to the comfortable spring and summers of the north. We have a set schedule during the change of seasons, but we make the trips all year long.

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