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Auction purchase
Auction purchase
Auction purchase

Auction purchase


Providing Safe Reliable Auction Pick-Up Car Shipping.

We collaborate with a number of auction houses in the U.S. to provide their clients with instant quotation for transporting their purchased vehicles. If you have purchased a vehicle from an auction, get your instant and guaranteed quote here.

As an auction buyer or seller, you want the best price. It makes sense to want the best car auction transport quote. Car or truck auction transport rates are competitive, without sacrificing responsibility or reliability.

Auction Pick-up Vehicle Shipping for Re-Sellers

Auction Pick-Up vehicle shipping service is an excellent tool for vehicle resellers, because it allows resellers to purchase vehicles from car auctions that they plan to resale, and quickly get the automobiles picked up from the auction-house and shipped right to their buyer’s doors. Many used car sellers are buying cars to stock their inventory from online auto auctions with locations scattered across the U.S. Then put these vehicles up for sale on their websites, through their Social media accounts and other marketing websites such as CarGurus and with our Auction pick-up service they can offer their customers door to door car delivery just like large dealerships.

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